Gardening Team

Helping our church care for others

Community Care Team

Our team of volunteers provides practical care and support to anyone in need regardless of whether they are part of our church community or not.

How We Can Help

We can provide short term assistance in 3 key areas; 

Non-Medical Transport

Eg: transport to/from church or shopping

Help at Home

eg: gardening, cleaning, simple home maintenance, technology setup or cooking


eg: conversation over coffee or walking


All our support is subject to our volunteer’s capacity and availability – and there may be times where we are unable to help. 

Please note we are unable to assist in other areas including child minding, medical transport (to/from hospital or doctor’s appointments), food hampers and financial support. 

Our church also has a separate ministry which can provide meals to people in need. Please give the church a ring on 9447 7018 if we can help you in the way. 

In addition – we also maintain an up to date list of external service providers who can assist in other areas. 

How To Request Support From Us

If you, or someone else you know, is in need – we’d love to help if we can!

Please firstly consider how our team might be able to assist in one of our 3 key areas above. This may involve having a conversation with the person you know is in need, and deciding together
how our team can best support them.


Then please take ~10 minutes to complete our simple online form, and we will review your needs and come back to you within 1 week.