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The concept is simple, the impact is dramatic!

One to One

Waterside Women

One to One Bible Reading Duo's

At NBBC, we encourage everyone to be involved in what we call 'One to One Bible Reading Duos'. The concept is simple, the impact is dramatic. 

The Concept:
The aim of discipleship is Christian maturity. One to One Bible Reading Duos help development through God's Word taking deeper in our heart, with the support and accountability of a likeminded Christian. Duos typically organize to meet for 1 hour a week with someone of the same sex, to chat (20min), read the bible and make observations (20min) and to pray (20min). 

The Impact:

God speaks to us! And duos spiritually spur one another on! These are deeply encouraging and helpful times! 

Duos can happen almost anywhere and anytime - before or after work, lunch time, on the weekend. No preparation is required, and because they just involve two people, they are easy to reschedule if needed. 

Just imagine what could happen if it was commonplace for Christians to meet for one to one Bible reading and prayer! What would happen if our society was peppered with thousands of such meetings?
What growth in godliness might we see?

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