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Jesus calls us to have compassion for the poor


Waterside Women
Image by il vano


Jesus specifically calls us to have compassion for the poor. Australia is one of the most comfortable, safe countries in the world, so must of us struggle to understand and rightly respond to poverty. The Social Action Group at NBBC seeks to bring God's love and justice and oppressed. We do this through awareness raising education, as well as giving opportunities for people to respond in helpful ways. We also financial support for selected projects. We are committed to using where possible, responsibly sourced consumables including fair trade tea and coffee. We closely follow the work of Compassion and Tearfund. 

In recent past, we have had a partnership with 'Peace Bridges' in the conflict-scarred country of Cambodia and community development in Nepal. Our current focus is community development in South Sudan. 


'Peace Bridges' provide courses for Peace Builders (both Christian and Non-Christian) who can spread skills of peace-making in much needed places. These strategically placed leaders work for peaceful change in their closest spheres of influence first, such as themselves and their families, then out to wider circles of influence in their churches, communities, and organisations. 


Nepal faces lengthy recovery after two earthquakes killed more than 8,000 people and left millions facing great hardship. After an initial emergency aid operation, our partners Baptist World Aid and Tearfund, through locally staffed and run Christian ministries, have been focussing on long term recovery work such as house building and restoring water supplies and sanitation. 


South Sudan faces many great challenges - it is a pleasure to be actively partnering with Tearfund to make a lasting difference. 


We are determined to keep helping those most in need, no matter how isolated and difficult they are to reach.


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